Scott Huennekens, President and CEO of Verb Surgical, Presents at Medical Innovation Summit

Mountain View, CA – October 26, 2016. Scott Huennekens was selected as one of the leading medical device industry presenters at this week’s Medical Innovation Summit, held on October 24-26 in Cleveland, Ohio, sponsored by the Cleveland Clinic Foundation.

The Medical Innovation Summit committee selected Huennekens as one of the presenters to discuss the future of medical device innovation on behalf of Verb Surgical. The title of the panel of industry leaders was “Developing and Commercializing Devices for a Transformed Healthcare System.” His presentation included a discussion on Verb’s vision for the future of the surgery and the role of Verb and other leading technology companies in making this future a reality.

“I’m honored to have been given the opportunity to participate in the Medical Innovation Summit,” said Scott. “We are taking aim to revolutionize the operating room. When you think of what can happen at the intersection of technology and clinical expertise when organizations like Verb and the Cleveland Clinic come together, the future is very exciting.”

Tuesday’s session was moderated by David Cassak, Managing Partner, Innovation in MedTech, LLC. “We are pleased to have Scott Huennekens as a panelist for our discussion, hearing the vision of Verb Surgical and knowing that it brings together the world-class expertise and advanced technologies of Ethicon and Verily. It is truly the next evolution in surgery; this subject matter is what keeps medical innovation an absolute priority for this Summit,” said Geoff Vince, PhD, Chair of Biomedical Engineering, Cleveland Clinic. “This is our 14th annual Summit and this is how, by having speakers like Scott, we can continue to bring together all of the stakeholders in healthcare to advance the conversation of true medical innovation.”

The session was the highest rated at the conference, based on audience polling. The audience at the Summit includes over 2,000 leaders in the medical device, therapeutics, diagnostics, healthcare IT, venture capital, investment banking, start-up, and clinical communities.

About Verb Surgical Inc.

Verb Surgical is working with physicians around the world to create the future of surgery. A future that aims to achieve improved patient outcomes, lower costs, and greater hospital efficiency. Verb Surgical was founded in 2015 with technology, expertise, and funding from Verily (formerly Google Life Sciences) and Ethicon, a medical device company in the Johnson & Johnson family of companies. This company will continue in strong partnership with Verily and Johnson & Johnson (Google and Johnson & Johnson Team for Robotic Surgery) to advance the surgical tools and capabilities available to surgeons and OR professionals today. We are a company dedicated to making possibilities happen. Along with our clinician partners, we turn technology and information into actions that matter. For more information visit,

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